New Module for EPM App

Silvon's enterprise performance management suite now includes inventory planning, analysis and optimization

Westmont, IL — June 11, 2003 — Silvon Software Inc. this week made public Version 4.0 of its Stratum suite of enterprise performance management (EPM) applications, featuring a new module the company said is designed to help businesses plan, analyze and optimize inventory performance.

According to the provider, the newest version uses the demand planning and analytical functionality offered by the Web-based Stratum.iPlanner user interface, which Silvon formally announced in April 2003.

The release's new Inventory Performance Management module includes more than 30 pre-built planning and analytical templates, and it has rules-based exception management functionality for alerting planners of trends that will result in future problems. In addition, Silvon said it could trigger automated actions into internal operational systems or external supplier systems in response to these alerts.

Michael Hennel, president and CEO of Silvon Software, stated that inventory is an expensive investment for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers, and, in response, the his company's new software offers tools to better plan, understand and control inventory-related expenditures. "Stratum 4.0's new Inventory Performance Management application module will enable businesses to make the most of customer service in the face of both forecast error and supply variability. We view this application as critical, especially since it is tightly integrated with a full range of other operational management information in our enterprise repository."

The Stratum 4.0 Inventory Performance Management module is comprised of three integrated application areas: Inventory Planning and Optimization, Inventory Trends and Analysis, and Inventory Position and Projections.

"The planning functionality and analytics offered by Silvon's new Inventory Performance Management application can support a collaborative replenishment strategy while enabling businesses to balance the economic objectives of their organizations with customer service priorities," said Dr. F. Barry Lawrence, assistant professor, Industrial Distribution, at Texas A&M University. "I was excited to have the opportunity to review the design for this application because it addresses inventory optimization with functionality and analytics not often found in operational business applications."