Inventory Management at John Deere Credit

Division implements PDA/Web-based inventory management system

Division implements PDA/Web-based inventory management system

Lake Oswego, OR — July 16, 2003 — In an effort to expedite data flow and create backroom efficiencies in the inventory auditing process, John Deere Credit has integrated the Revoquest inventory management solution for its entire dealer network in the United States.

Revoquest, a division of inventory auditing company Quiktrak, developed the inventory tracking system.

Quiktrak has provided auditing services in the field to John Deere Credit since 1994. While field auditing has long been completed manually, Quiktrak has been moving to automate this process with the creation of Revoquest, its technology division. The provider said the implementation of this system into John Deere's audit process has streamlined pre-audit scheduling and post audit review. With the Revoquest system, audits can be completed, uploaded and reviewed within 24 hours.

"The development of an automated inventory verification process was required to improve the integrity of the inventory data that is used by many processes within John Deere," said Mike Mrozowicz, director Wholesale Financing of John Deere Credit. "Revoquest developed the system that allows for the use of technology tools in the field and real-time movement of the information back to the review process."

In the field, Revoquest's inventory auditing system allows the inspectors to utilize PDA's with bar code readers. Real-time data links were established to "refresh" the data during the audit. These data links are being further developed to also give inspectors additional work direction based on information obtained during the inspection, according to Quiktrak. During this process, missing units (as well as units reconciled that day) are automatically cleared. For John Deere's backroom (which reviews completed audits), the automated data flow system has already been streamlined to the point that several audit reviewers transitioned to other functions.

"It is very satisfying to see an end result that met the needs of our client," said Matt Hennessee, president and CEO of Quiktrak Inc. "We've worked closely with John Deere for years, and hope that this new Revoquest integration is yet another enhancement to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."