ICC, ACOM Solutions Partner

To present combined automated supply chain solution

To present combined automated supply chain solution

New York and Long Beach, CA — July 18, 2003 — Internet Commerce Corp. (ICC), a connectivity solutions provider, today announced that it has concluded an alliance with ACOM Solutions Inc., a developer of data translation and connectivity solutions.

According to the agreement, ICC and ACOM will jointly market the ICC.NET network service in conjunction with ACOM's EZConnect extensible markup language (XML) data translation solutions to provide customers with automated supply chain solutions.

Currently, the ICC/ACOM solution is being implemented at two enterprises of diverse backgrounds: One is a manufacturer and marketer of wireless data products and accessories, and the other is one of the nation's largest prosthetics and orthotics providers, a vertically integrated corporation that owns and operates more than 600 patient care practices with over 1,000 clinicians in 42 states.

ACOM said EZConnect accommodates any data format, including true XML and proprietary formats such as SAP's R3 IDOC, as well as newer communications protocols such as AS/2. The company said it is normally necessary to convert XML data to and from electronic data interchange (EDI) X12 or EDIFACT document forms, a process which the ACOM-ICC solution avoids.

"The ICC.NET service was developed with open architecture, which allows it to work with other products," stated Michael Cassidy, president and CEO of ICC. "EZConnect is one of those products. It automatically translates, transmits and receives trading partner data — even directly between databases — without manual intervention."

Under the agreement, the two companies are authorized to resell each other's product and service offerings and will jointly promote their respective product lines across their existing customer groups. Both companies market their solutions horizontally, with emphasis on such document-intensive sectors such as health care, manufacturing, transportation and distribution, insurance and finance.

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