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HP to submit technology to standards consortium for review

HP to submit technology to standards consortium for review

Palo Alto, CA — July 21, 2003 — Working with partners to help overcome barriers to full-scale Web services adoption, HP today announced its plans to submit its Web Services Management Framework for industry review to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), a global consortium for the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards.

With support from such companies as Ascential Software, BEA Systems, Informatica, IONA, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO Software Inc. and webMethods, among others, HP said it would make the framework specification available for public download, as well as deliver a call to action for other Web services-reliant companies to join the effort to create an industry standards-based solution for the management of, and through, Web services.

HP said enterprises demanding reduced information technology (IT) complexity and increased agility need to control access, track and measure service levels, collect usage data and, most importantly, ensure return on their IT investments could achieve them through a managed infrastructure that incorporates "built-in" Web services management within the design and deployment of their IT infrastructures.

The Web Services Management Framework, developed by HP, is for the management of resources, including Web services themselves, through Web services.

According to the provider, the framework defines how IT resources in an adaptive enterprise can expose management information about themselves and how they can be managed. A management interface communicates knowledge about changes in business processes and IT infrastructure whenever application and infrastructure events occur, and it gives companies the choice to adopt future improvements.

The framework also supports standardization — one of the four design principles in HP's Darwin Reference Architecture — to provide customers and partners with an approach to creating an IT environment that adjusts to business changes.

HP said it is working with standards consortia and partners to meet the needs of IT administrators to monitor and actively manage Web services. The company is a participant in OASIS, W3C, Liberty Alliance, Global Grid Forum and Web Service-Interoperability Organization.

"HP is working with its partners to establish a management interface that is domain, platform and vendor neutral," said Mark Linesch, vice president, HP Adaptive Enterprise Program. "We're submitting this specification to OASIS to accelerate the adoption of common standards in Web services management and to simplify Web services development for our partners and customers today, while enabling them to plug into the adaptive enterprise of tomorrow."

The Web Services Management Framework 2.0 specification is available for download at no cost. The specification will be contributed to the OASIS WSDM technical committee during the next face-to-face meeting, scheduled for July 28.