Customer Wins for Commerce One

Signs on five new customers for composite process management platform

Signs on five new customers for composite process management platform

Pleasanton, CA — July 23, 2003 — Commerce One Inc. announced today that five global companies have selected the Commerce One Conductor composite process management platform during its first quarter of general availability, including Enporion and the Architecture Research Center of Information Engineering (ARCIE) in China.

Commerce One said there are already more than 10 customers using the company's Commerce One Conductor platform to coordinate disparate IT systems and streamline business processes.

The provider said that with its standards and registry-based approach, the composite process management platform has already allowed some customers to save up to 50 percent on design, deployment and integration costs and, based upon customer experience and feedback, is expected to generate additional savings of up to 50 percent in ongoing support, maintenance and operational expenses as compared to traditional solutions.

"It is critical to our business to continually provide high value at a low cost to our customers," said Jim Garcia, chief technology officer of Enporion. "The Commerce One Conductor platform allows us to continue to improve our services and reliability without facing prohibitive costs or time-consuming application integrations. We're able to easily expose our entire marketplace system to an advanced suite of analysis and reporting tools."

Mark Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Commerce One, said, "For the first time, our customers have the ability to unify their IT systems without requiring underlying uniformity. It is gratifying to see such interest during a tight economic environment, and certainly an affirmation that customers are willing to invest in technology that improves their business agility."