Supply Chain Delays Replace COVID-19 Concerns: Report

Findings from DHL show that business executive's concerns shift the more supply chain disruptions become prevalent. Most companies are already preparing for the holiday season due to delays.

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DHL releases a new report that surveyed United States subject matter experts (SMEs) regarding business planning and operations for 2022. Only 12% expected COVID-19 to their biggest problem this year, exhibiting a decrease in concern for organizations. However, 61% expect supply chain delays to be the biggest challenge, a jump from 54% last year. And, 65% are already planning for the holiday shopping season because of it. 

Per DHL:

  • When asked about what is causing supply chain challenges this year, 42% said logistics costs, 32% said product availability, 15% said Customs compliance and 11% said varying laws in international markets. To overcome these challenges, many businesses (37%) have prioritized making new international business contacts (whether new manufacturers, distributers, etc.), which can help them conduct business and ship more efficiently.
  • In last year’s survey, 50% of the respondents said staffing was not a challenge. This year, more companies are feeling the impact of the “Great Resignation”, with just 38% saying they are not impacted by the talent shortage. To address the talent shortage, nearly one-third of respondents have invested in employee perks/bonuses, 18% are investing in robotics and new tech, and 17% are investing in an online presence vs. brick & mortar.
  • 42% have experienced changes in their international sales due to inflation; 26% have seen a decrease in international sales as a result of inflation and 16% have seen an increase. However, 30% of respondents said they are unaffected by inflation.