Need for More Warehousing Space Prompts Locus Robotics’ Mezzanine Product

Locus Robotics releases new mezzanine capabilities in its autonomous mobile robot fleet, as warehousing space becomes limited with increasing product orders.

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Locus Robotics looks to capitalize on the growing need for warehousing space, as fulfillment centers move upwards rather than to new locations. A new addition to its fleet allows for highly optimized order picking management on numerous levels and in vertical warehouses. Locus Mezzanine Management includes multi-level orchestration, flexibility, configuration, real-time visibility and integration into workflow operations like warehouse management systems (WMS) and material handling equipment (MHE).

Per PR Newswire:

  • Locus provides intelligent orchestration of tasks across multiple levels or mezzanines in very large centers, optimizing workflows and order consolidation for maximum throughput. The intelligent workflow optimization engine actively directs LocusBots and workers to follow the most efficient order picking sequence.