TP3 Global, QProducts & Services Enter Joint Venture Agreement

The companies’ temperature-protection products support over-the-road, airfreight and ocean shipments.

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TP3 Global and QProducts & Services (QPS) are joining forces to create a unique customer service experience in the challenging world of temperature-sensitive product protection. The joint venture offers quality customer service and product access on a global basis.

QPS leads the U.S. market with its patented flagship CargoQuilt and PalletQuilt products, while TP3 manufactures Silverskin, Europe’s well-known thermal cover and blanket brand. Available worldwide, these temperature-protection products support all modes of transportation including over the road, airfreight and ocean shipments.

The companies have over 30 years of combined experience within global logistics, cold chain design and temperature-controlled packaging. Both staff industry professionals support their comprehensive product portfolio, serving the pharmaceutical, perishable and chemical industries. Products are manufactured in house, subject to strict quality control measures, and use the highest grade base materials and state-of-the-art equipment, creating validated products ranging from single-use pallet covers to reusable cargo quilts.

QPS and TP3 will collaborate on the development of new products and technologies to meet expanding customer needs. This collaboration will result in a wide range of value-added programs, an advanced technologies division and a quality customer experience.