Leadership Change at Fieldglass

Founder and chief executive officer Jai Shekhawat to move to advisory role

ChicagoJune 14, 2015Jai Shekhawat, who founded Fieldglass in 1999, is stepping into an advisory role at the end of August to devote himself to civic duties and mentoring other local tech entrepreneurs.

 The transition, he says, was carefully planned with internal leaders stepping up:

  • Rob Brimm, executive vice president of worldwide sales, will become the president of Fieldglass. Rob served on the executive team at Fieldglass for the last 11 years.
  • Vish Baliga, chief technology officer, will continue to be a key leader of the firm and has been with Fieldglass since its inception.
  • Arun Srinivasan, vice president of strategy and marketing, will be promoted to join the executive leadership team, and will head strategy and customer operations, overseeing professional services in addition to marketing.

“Fieldglass has many leaders at all levels and I have the utmost confidence that this will be a smooth transition,” Shekhawat says. “Our mission of solving customer problems, and creating the best products and services in the market will remain firm. We look forward to exciting plans ahead. SAP’s leadership committed resources and investments to help the team achieve its growth goals and innovation plans.”