A New Cloud-Based PLM Application on the Solair Platform

DPT recently developed Power PLM, a software-as-a-service, cloud-based information management system

Casalecchio di Reno, ItalyMay 9, 2014—The number of companies who are choosing the Solair Platform is on the increase. Solair’s cloud-based platform is at the basis of the new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution developed by DPT, a company that provides solutions for the computer-aided design (CAD)/PLM market.

Power PLM is the name of the new information management system that was created in order to offer DPT customers an easy-to-use, autonomous tool that is easy to configure and implement. The application consists of a set of tools, which are focused on the integration of all steps of the product lifecycle management process—from the birth of the idea through the engineering and development of the product or service to release, after-sales service and finally product retirement, enabling real-time, global collaboration irrespective of location and the device being used.

DPT provides Power PLM as a service (SaaS): Companies don’t have to worry about issues relating to company infrastructure to implement it. Hardware, software, storage, maintenance and updates are not necessary because DPT manages the entire architecture, leaving companies time to focus on real value-added activities. With the pay-per-use model, companies can take advantage of a PLM service according to their needs and the budget available.

Power PLM was developed to be flexible, scalable and versatile. The application can be used in all company departments and integrates with solutions that are already present in the company, such as the most common CAD systems, MS Office and business management systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The Solair Platform made it possible to develop an application that can be used even by those who do not have extensive information technology (IT) skills: The design of the interface makes it easy to use and intuitive, which means that no special training is required.

The Power PLM features range from information search and management (for both structured and unstructured data), information visualisation (with various possibilities to customize your preferences), and managing administrative documents. Administration is one of the most innovative points of Power PLM: All users can now configure and customize their own personal work environment without having to seek the help of external consultants.

Thanks to the Solair Platform, which not only makes it possible to connect and collect large amounts of data (both structured and non-structured), but also to analyze and manage it to make it intelligent, DPT was able to develop PLM that can be implemented in just a few days, making it immediately available and useable: To access Power PLM, all you need is a PC or a mobile device, and an Internet connection. All this comes in a secure environment that uses Microsoft Azure data centers.

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