Infor Enhances Dynamic Supply Chain Execution

Infor SCE 10.3 enhances voice enablement, small parcel shipping, compliance labeling and the embedded warehouse mobile platform

New YorkMar. 28, 2014Infor, a provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, announced Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE) version 10.3, with dynamic functionality for logistics and warehouse management. Infor SCE 10.3 features an improved user experience and new integration with Infor M3, as well as enhanced integrations with Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management and Adage enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

The latest version also highlights the Infor 10x experience through deeper integration with Infor Ming.le, a comprehensive social collaboration platform. Infor SCE 10.3 offers significant enhancements to voice enablement, small parcel shipping, compliance labeling and the embedded Infor Warehouse Director mobile platform.

Strategic Developments

  • Business intelligence dashboards. Infor SCE 10.3 uses Infor Business Application studio, allowing users to create customized dashboards to meet their individual needs by providing in-context information relevant to their specific role. The tool draws a direct query from the application database and does not require the use of ETL tools, which enables real-time access and data analysis.
  • Infor Ming.le adoption. Infor SCE 10.3 is delivered with Infor Ming.le, bringing a consumer-grade user experience, and business collaboration capabilities to the warehouse and logistics operations. This increases productivity by enabling users to quickly react to changing customer and market requests.
  • Warehouse Director. With the Infor SCE 10.3 release, Warehouse Director, the iPad application for managing mobile logistics, was enhanced to optimize the warehouse and monitor operations using more efficient color-coded picking and velocity heat maps. Warehouse Director works with Infor SCE (version 10.2 and up) providing users with mobile access to the rapidly shifting warehouse environment.
  • Warehouse management. Users can now enter and retrieve data in the system with greater efficiency. New controls, options and formats were added for various inbound and outbound labels. The Inventory Balances and Inventory Hold screens now enable users to streamline their searches.
  • Small parcel shipping. By leveraging a new partnership, Infor now offers enhanced capabilities and support for supply chain quoting, rating and manifesting for small parcel shipping.
  • Transportation management. Infor SCE 10.3 updates to the transportation management module include new program interfaces, and a new fixed and variable rating model that enables international and North American customers to combine fixed costs with a variable cost, as well as a zone-based rating model.
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) billing and labor management. Enhancements include enriched reporting, improved costing models, and billing for labor charges for more efficient and accurate customer billing. Infor SCE 10.3 features multiple enhancements to manage labor more efficiently, including travel speed configuration, labor plan estimates based on average or historical actuals enhanced reporting.
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