Channel Management to Increase Manufacturing Distribution and Sales

Manufacturers demand that their products' brand integrity is secure online, and sold at the minimum advertised price or higher

Chicago, Ill.Mar. 21, 2014Digital BrandWorks, a digital consultancy that specializes in representing manufacturers in the digital marketplaces, launched a channel management program(CMP) to help manufacturers increase sales, protect margins, and improve their brick-and-mortar relationships.

"The genesis of the CMP program was inspired by manufacturers who demand that their products' brand integrity is secure online, and sold at their minimum advertised price (MAP) or higher," said Jeff Mariola, CEO, Digital BrandWorks."We work with the manufacturer to establish quantitative benchmarks and goals, and deploy their brand into the online marketplaces with a roadmap that highlights key milestones and initiatives related to their program."

According to Joe Scartz, chief marketing officer, Digital BrandWorks, "Our expert marketplace managers manage clients' products in the marketplaces, monitor the brand and competitors, manage marketplace logistics, upload content, engage in product reporting and continually optimize their presence to ensure we are meeting pre-established goals."

Digital BrandWorks represents their CMP brand partners in many leading marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Buy Happier, Rakuten, Newegg and Sears.

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