The First Transaction-Based, Fully Inclusive ERP

Trek Global brings new enterprise resource planning system to the mid market, giving companies the power to scale according to business volume

Vancouver, Wash.Nov. 27, 2013—According to Trek Global, it launched the first transaction-based, fully inclusive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Trek Cloud ERP, to empower mid-market distributors with scalability, pricing elasticity and accessibility. A provider of ERP solutions and consulting services, Trek Global builds on more than 10 years of real-world implementation and experience to bring a new, but mature ERP solution to market.     

Trek Cloud ERP offers users control over ERP features and functionalities, enabling companies to access and leverage the entire platform without compromising product integrity and capabilities. Through its transaction-based model, customers only pay according to business volume, regardless of how many users are on the system and without any module fees. As a result, Trek Cloud ERP optimizes cloud-based technology to provide enterprises with lowered barriers to adoption.

Trek Cloud ERP fully integrates accounting, finance, purchasing, sales, inventory, warehouses and supply chain, so that companies have control and visibility over their entire business. The product is targeted to growing midsize businesses and organizations, as well as divisions of larger enterprises with key target verticals focused on distribution and e-commerce companies.

According to Joel Stangeland, chief executive officer of Trek Global, "From day one, we set our goals on eliminating what we learned were the three major obstacles toward adoption for mid-market companies: high costs of licenses, infrastructure and implementation.”

Trek Cloud ERP is already in productive use with some companies, including Aminco International.

"We're very service-oriented, and the advanced features in Trek Cloud ERP allow us to use technology to really help automate and speed up our processes," said Ed Wu, president, Aminco International. "Having it be cloud-based gives us a solid foundation for adding future features and updates without the pain and downtime of a traditional ERP system."

Features and functionalities of Trek Cloud ERP include:

  • An industry-first transaction-based model that charges customers based on what they use, disrupting licensing fee structures.
  • Fully inclusive cloud ERP for distribution, enabling companies to access and leverage the entire platform without compromising product integrity and capabilities.
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools and dashboard views.
  • A simplified cloud-based infrastructure that speeds time to value.
  • Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-inventory locations and multi-tax processing.
  • A solution for distribution across customer relationship management, financial management, material and product management, business intelligence, production management and supply chain management.
  • Setup wizards for guiding effective implementations.
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