Automated Systems Triumph

Consumption-oriented companies and online traders are currently expanding capacity in China and optimizing their logistics systems

Automated Systems Triumph 2

ShanghaiNov. 22, 2013—The level of automation in logistics at Chinese companies is increasing considerably, as CeMAT Asia revealed at the end of October 2013 in Shanghai. Experts at the fair agreed that the technical quality of solutions is improving.

"What is in demand are powerful systems that are easy to operate," said Shaowen Di, managing director of the Unitechnik Group in China.

Consumption-oriented branches, in particular, like the foods and cigarette industries, as well as online traders, are currently expanding capacity in China and optimizing their logistics systems. This was one of the trends clearly apparent at CeMAT Asia 2013. Instead of standard single systems that make demands on many workers and constantly require repairs, companies are increasingly investing in sophisticated automated solutions. As Shaowen Di and his team see it, the important thing is that these automated systems continue to be easy to operate, and provide a high degree of operational reliability and safety.

The well-known international Unitechnik Group that Shaowen Di represents completed a number of logistics solutions in China. The current focus is on systems for the storage of frozen goods. These installations are complex since the storing and transporting of foods at low temperatures places rigorous demands on automation systems. And yet the plant and equipment are still easy for workers to operate because they use a consistent software structure and function as a homogeneous total system. After brief training, workers can be deployed flexibly at any workstation and assume more responsibility for the respective processes.