JDA Releases Latest Edition of Planning Suite

Inline analytics, process-driven workflows lead to improved supply chain performance

Scottsdale, Ariz.—Aug. 13, 2013—JDA Software Group announced the latest release of its supply chain planning suite. It offers manufacturers, retailers and distributors significant advantages in their quest to gain greater control of complex supply chains to accelerate growth, reduce costs and improve service levels.

The JDA supply chain planning suite is comprised of more than 20 applications and is part of JDA eight, the recently announced JDA solution release that unifies supply chain planning, optimization and business analytics on a single platform for deployment in the cloud. 

Major innovations now available in JDA’s supply chain planning suite include inline analytics, process-driven workflows, packaged event-response levers, consolidated demand signals and in-memory technologies. These capabilities empower organizations with the right information at the right time to facilitate faster decision-making and improve supply chain performance.

“The breadth and depth of JDA’s supply chain planning solutions in an integrated suite provides an unprecedented degree of speed, smart decision support and agility,” said John Kopcke, executive vice president and chief technology officer at JDA Software. “With JDA eight encompassing all critical supply chain planning functions from forecasting to replenishment to network optimization, customers will benefit from best-of-breed capabilities, lower total cost of ownership and ease of implementation not typically offered from a single vendor.”

The difference between information and actionable insight: JDA’s latest supply chain planning suite introduces inline analytics, the next generation of analytics that go beyond visibility to offer diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics that provide the “why,” “what if” and “what’s optimal” insights necessary to take action. With analytics embedded within the processing platform, planners can respond to changes and resolve disruptions immediately. This approach allows organizations to reduce supply chain risk and potential customer dissatisfaction, versus traditional analytics that require postmortem analysis to determine root cause.

Remove operational silos for improved employee productivity: The latest version of JDA’s supply chain planning suite offers role and task-based workflows allowing planners to perform all tasks for a given business process. Process-driven workflows with a consistent user interface allow planners to fulfill their job functions seamlessly, intuitively and efficiently.

For more information, visit www.jda.com

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