CEVA Logistics Expands Services in Iberia

Addition of specialist Chemical Storage Area at multi-user center focused on further delivery of best-in-class service

Madrid, SpainJuly 3, 2013CEVA Logistics, a global supply chain management company, expanded its services provided at its multi-user Ontigola hub, building a 240-square-meter specialist Chemical Storage Area. Multi-user sites offer synergies to meet the most complex needs of customers even in highly regulated and sophisticated markets, like the chemical industry.

“The building of the first Chemical Storage Area for CEVA in Iberia demonstrates our commitment to meet the needs of customers in this highly regulated market,” said Marco Galbusera, Manager Director, CEVA in Iberia. “This investment will allow us to extend our relationships with our customers and will help us to keep growing our footprint in the logistics market.”

CEVA built the new Chemical Storage Area in the Ontigola, Toledo warehouse as part of its commitment to provide best-in-class services and focus on customers. A team of specialized engineers built the area in compliance with all existing rules and requirements relating to the safe storage of chemical products and risk prevention in the workplace, and the completed area was approved by the relevant authorities.

The Chemical Storage Area is an independent firefighting area separated from the other storage areas by a brick wall. The zone is equipped with specialist firefighting equipment including sprinklers and manholes placed in every door to collect any possible spill of product.

Strategically located south of Madrid, the Ontigola site is well connected by the N-IV road and the R4 highway, as well as the planned motorway to Valencia, an increasingly important import hub. A multi-user center like Ontigola makes use of shared technologies, skills, space and transport, to deliver true value and considerable economies of scale to customers.

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