Food Authority Expands Fleet

Fuel-efficient vehicles from Ryder help food service provider deliver produce via more sustainable alternatives

MiamiJuly 1, 2013Food Authority, a family-owned and operated food service provider, refreshed and expanded its fleet with 66 new refrigerated heavy duty vehicles under a Full Service Lease from Ryder System Inc., a commercial transportation and supply chain management solutions provider. The vehicles are specified with Certified Clean Idle engines and upgraded programmable transmissions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

“Many of our restaurant and grocery customers are focused on being more sustainable and expanding their offerings to include fresh, local and organic products,” said Dennis Reutter, Executive Vice President of Food Authority, which distributes produce and grocery products to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania. “We are committed to supporting their efforts by delivering their food using a safe, environmentally-sound fleet of vehicles.”

With a Full Service Lease, Ryder acquires vehicles according to the customer’s specifications; provides financing, maintenance and fleet support services; and then manages vehicle disposal to protect customers from residual risk.

The Certified Clean Idle engines in Food Authority’s fleet deliver the best-in-class fuel economy and performance while complying with the EPA’s newest and most stringent emissions standards; the lowest diesel emission levels in the world. The engines are equipped with Particulate Matter Filters and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that reduce emissions to near-zero levels; emitting 99 percent less Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) than the predecessors. The new automatic transmissions provide seamless full-power shifts to ensure the most efficient operation of the engine.

In addition, all of the vehicles are equipped with RydeSmart, Ryder’s full-featured GPS fleet location, tracking and vehicle performance management system offered to Full Service Lease customers. RydeSmart enables customers to achieve a 10 to 15 percent reduction in fuel and CO2 consumption by monitoring idle time, speed, hard braking events and other activities that impact fuel consumption.

Since Food Authority makes its deliveries to residential areas in the evening, reducing its fleet’s noise footprint is another high priority. The new equipment also includes an acoustic sound reduction system to lower the sound level output from the refrigeration units.

“Being environmentally responsible for our customers is a promise we’re able to live up to with Ryder’s help,” continued Reutter. “These new vehicles have allowed us to become more fuel efficient and leave behind a smaller environmental footprint than before.”

Food Authority outsourced its fleet to Ryder in 2006 to take advantage of Ryder’s large network of maintenance facilities and expert technicians, to prevent breakdowns and keep the fleet running as they expand their delivery service area. The company also takes advantage of Ryder’s fueling network for convenience and competitive pricing.

“Ryder is committed to providing customers, like Food Authority, with the latest vehicle technologies to support their environmental initiatives,” said Dennis Cooke, President of Global Fleet Management Solutions for Ryder System Inc. “As a leader in commercial fleet management solutions, we will continue to focus on helping companies of all sizes operate more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.”

Food Authority maintains more than 100,000-square-feet of operating space in its Long Island facility; and over 60,000-sqauare-feet in its Maryland facility. The company is aided by a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks and a team of highly-skilled and dedicated employees who work to deliver the freshest, most delicious produce and grocery items to its customers.

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