ARI Enhancements Boost MVR Program

System enhancements bring added speed and ease of use to MVRs program

Mt. Laurel, N.J.March 19, 2013ARI, a global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, made recent system enhancements to bring added speed and ease-of-use to its Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) program.

The ARI MVR program operates through ARI's advanced Web-based and mobile system, ARI Insights. Recent enhancements to site appearance and navigation have improved the MVR request process. Additionally, ARI’s investment in in-memory technology in 2012 increased the speed at which fleet managers are alerted to issues related to MVR reports.

A companion to the system, ARI Driver Insights, also benefited from the upgrades so that collection of electronic signatures from drivers to authorize the retrieval of their motor vehicle records is streamlined and simplified.

The ARI insights system integrates report data from across the country and breaks down violations codes to a pre-defined violation points system so drivers are being assessed on an equal scale. The points associated with our violation categories can be customized to the client’s preference. Fleet managers can easily view individual driver records and also use the filtering and reporting tool to quickly identify high-risk drivers, drivers with specific violation types, and the overall risk to their fleet.

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