Free Flow Wines Partners with Satellite Logistics Group

Partnership enables keg service provider to manage wine keg inventory and consolidation operations

HoustonOct. 8, 2012Free Flow Wines, a global provider of turnkey keg services, now uses Satellite Logistics Group’s keg leasing service and the reverse logistics Kegspediter system to enhance their business operations and manage consolidation efforts for its on-tap offering.

“The beverage industry is entering a new era due to an innovative shift in thinking by companies like Free Flow Wines about how wine is delivered to the marketplace,” said Kevin Brady, President of Satellite Logistics Group. “Satellite Logistics Group is excited to partner with Free Flow Wines to enter the wine-on-tap market segment and provide the company with keg inventory and our Kegspediter supply chain solution to support their profitable growth and reduce increased costs as a result of lost kegs.”

The Free Flow Wines System enables client wineries to serve their wines to customers nationwide on tap. Due to an increasing demand for their wine keg service, beverage industry international supply chain company Satellite Logistics Group leased 6,000 kegs to the company over the last nine months to add more than 8,000 kegs to Free Flow Wines’ existing fleet. The kegs are used to distribute Free Flow’s client’s products to marquee operators such as Caesar’s Entertainment, Hillstone Restaurants, Starwood Hotels and Sodexo.

Recognizing the cost lost or stolen kegs could have on their ROI and bottom-line performance, Free Flow Wines leveraged Satellite Logistics Group’s innovative reverse logistics Kegspediter System which tracks, locates, returns and consolidates Free Flow’s empty kegs to properly manage their valuable inventory.

“When we launched Free Flow, finding a trusted partner like Satellite Logistics Group allowed us to rapidly scale our business and focus on growing the wine-on-tap category,” said Jordan Kivelstadt, President of Free Flow Wines. “Reverse logistics is one of the great hurdles holding back the wine-on-tap movement and thanks to Satellite Logistics Group, we have a proven answer.”