Supply Chain Resiliency Becoming Critical to Innovative Customer-Focused Companies

Palo Alto Networks deploys Resilinc to increase global multi-tier supply chain resiliency planning and mitigation

San Francisco—Aug. 28, 2012—Resilinc Corp., a provider of multi-tier supply chain resiliency solutions, today announced that Palo Alto Networks is deployed live on the Resilinc supply chain resiliency solution. This enables Palo Alto Networks, an industry-leading network security company, to improve their supply chain resiliency, proactively protect the continuity of supply and maintain sustained operational performance. Resilinc’s multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility, patent-pending risk analytics, global event monitoring, and total resiliency management capabilities will help Palo Alto Networks to proactively plan for, monitor and mitigate global supply chain disruptions.

Resilinc enables us to adopt proven industry best practices in supply chain resiliency to strategically protect our products and interests, both now and in the future,” said Vonnie French, director of manufacturing operations at Palo Alto Networks. “By identifying and quantifying single points of failure, we can proactively plan for and mitigate potential disruptions.”