Wine Merchant Employs Menlo Worldwide Logistics Europe

Menlo supplies order fulfillment services for WijnWagentje internet sales operation

Amsterdam, NetherlandsJuly 11, 2012—Dutch wine merchant WijnWagentje employed Menlo Worldwide Logistics (of Con-Way Inc.) to supply order fulfillment services for its internet sales operation. Menlo will maintain all aspects of the e-commerce function including order processing; warehousing; packaging; inventory control; and distribution from its facility in Eersel, Netherlands. The scope of the operation covers all parts of the Netherlands and includes the whole range of the Italian wine specialist’s online inventory.

In making its decision, WijnWagentje management was impressed with the logistics, transportation management and supply chain management service provider’s personal approach, its flexibility, the efficiency of its proposed start-up methodology and the logistics company’s ability to assist with potential business development plans into other regional markets in the near future.

“To enhance our service to the consumer and to further optimize the logistics behind our online Web shop, we chose Menlo as our new fulfillment partner primarily because of their willingness to work closely with us on every detail of our requirements and their potential to help us expand our markets in the future,” said Wicher van den Bosch, Co-Founder of WijnWagentje.

Customers ordering via purchase cases of wine with the option of mixed cases. Menlo handles the entire fulfillment process from receipt of order to final delivery.

“With the current trend of growth in Internet retailing rapidly increasing the emphasis on e-commerce as a consumer outlet, our e-fulfillment services are in greater demand,” said Tony Gunn, Managing Director, Menlo, Europe. “Menlo is delighted to assist a start-up venture in the Dutch market and is well-paced to service this customer’s expansion plans into other European markets.”