Qualcomm and Sylectus Platform Enables Fleets with Increased Driver Independency

Dispatch management application helps smaller fleets increase driver productivity and improve operational efficiencies

San Diego—Feb. 22, 2012—Qualcomm Inc., a provider of wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies, now provides its Circle of Service Workflow application integrated with the Alliance Pro Transportation Management Software from Sylectus, a business unit of Qualcomm Enterprise Services that provides fleet management software for smaller transportation companies. The integrated platform enables fleets using Sylectus’ Alliance Pro to receive critical circle of service information to the right driver at the right time.

“By integrating our Workflow application with Sylectus’ products, we can more easily bring the benefits of today’s advanced technology solutions to smaller fleets,” said Norm Ellis, Vice President of Sales, Services and Marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “Fleets that adopt the new solution will benefit from Sylectus’ agility and experience serving this particular market to maximize their operational efficiencies, reduce errors and ensure that their drivers are compliant in the ever-evolving landscape of transportation regulation.”

Additional capabilities of the Circle of Service Workflow application include information delivery, routing just-in-time prompts and exception notifications to help reduce driver dependence on back-office staff.

“The ability to offer our customers a complete workflow solution that leverages benefits for both fleet managers and drivers is extremely important,” said Stuart Sutton, Senior Director for Qualcomm Enterprise Services and General Manager of Sylectus. “This solution allows our customers to streamline driver training, increase driver productivity and more effectively manage their assets to ensure regulatory compliance. Today’s drivers have enough to handle on the road, and the integration with Qualcomm’s Circle of Service Workflow is another proof point in our commitment to improving the way transportation business is done.”

Qualcomm’s application automates inefficient and error-prone manual processes previously imposed on drivers, streamlining the paperwork associated with freight hauling and assisting drivers by offloading day-to-day administrative tasks. Now, fleets of all sizes can improve driver productivity and customer service with an array of workflow features, including a list of scheduled stops and automated arrival and departure detection with GPS locations. Fleets using Circle of Service Workflow can increase customer satisfaction with better informed drivers and more efficient operations.

“We selected the integrated workflow solution from Sylectus and Qualcomm because of our commitment to operational excellence,” said Guy Sanderson, Chief Operating Officer at Bolt Express, Toledo, Ohio. “Feedback from our drivers has been overwhelmingly positive as the new in-cab technology has streamlined their process for providing timely, accurate and complete shipment status updates. The new integrated workflow solution provides us with an invaluable competitive advantage as it ensures a consistently positive experience for our customers without placing an added burden on our drivers.”