Manhattan Associates Unveils New Social Networking Framework

Will connect social networking with supply chain solutions

Atlanta—Nov. 30, 2011—World class supply chains require people, process and technology to be fully aligned to achieve superior operational performance. Optimizing the human component of this equation can be one of the most challenging facets facing companies today. Comprehensive workforce engagement is one of the most effective ways for organizations to ensure that all employees are united around common goals and have a vested interest in all positive outcomes.

To address this challenge for its customers, Manhattan Associates has developed Manhattan SCOPE Social, an engagement framework that enables companies to connect social networking capabilities and supply chain solutions. Manhattan SCOPE Social integrates actionable operational data with public and/or enterprise social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Moxie, Rypple and others to engage the workforce in achieving superior operational results

New research published in October by Logistics Viewpoints found that 40 percent of supply chain executives believe social media “will make supply chain processes more efficient, responsive and cost effective,” while close to 43 percent believe the technology “will transform supply chain processes (for the better) in ways we can’t imagine today.”

“There is a clear opportunity for social media integration into supply chain software to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees and different functional groups and with suppliers, customers, and other external partners in a private, secure environment,” said Adrian Gonzalez, director, Logistics Viewpoints.

Manhattan SCOPE Social has been launched with Manhattan’s Labor Management solution, to enable collaboration between supervisors and associates including two-way feedback, recognition, praise and sharing of information to provide continuous operational improvement. “With Manhattan SCOPE Social, forward thinking companies can align the people part of their organizations with operational goals by combining structured data from day-to-day reporting with social networking tools to enable a collaborative environment that rewards employee engagement,” said Eddie Capel, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Manhattan Associates. “In addition, by proactively engaging supply chain employees through social capabilities, companies can increase retention and employee loyalty.”

Manhattan’s Labor Management solution, part of the Distribution Management suite within the Manhattan SCOPE portfolio, is designed to reduce labor costs by objectively measuring employee performance against pre-defined standards while decreasing employee turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality and safety. “Operational excellence requires that supply chain executives engage their workforce to leverage all knowledge and expertise to gain competitive advantage,” continued Capel. “Putting tools in place to ensure the timely, efficient and compelling sharing of information from those closest to the process flow to those making critical operational decisions has become a requirement for leading companies.”