SPS Commerce Unveils Retail Universe Online Community

Links thousands of retailers, suppliers, logistics providers and others to make finding new trading partners easier

Minneapolis—Nov. 8, 2011—SPS Commerce, a provider of on-demand supply chain management solutions, unveiled the Retail Universe, an online community that connects members of the retail supply chain, allowing organizations to identify new business partners and expand their e-commerce or traditional businesses with confidence.

Thousands of organizations have joined the Retail Universe by creating a free online profile that details their company type, industry, items, technical capabilities and much more. In addition, SPS Commerce provides certification for vendors meeting specific e-commerce or drop-ship requirements. Retail Universe members can search the community to find new trading partners with specific capabilities, such as e-commerce readiness.        

“Business is all about forming relationships within a community, especially in the supply chain, and the Retail Universe makes developing the right relationships easier,” said Archie Black, president and CEO of SPS Commerce. “Similar to social networking sites, Retail Universe uses a profile to identify the right trading partners for each organization. In addition, SPS confirms a trading partner’s integration capabilities, making sure that the Retail Universe recommends partners that are the right fit.”

Accessible by more than 40,000 organizations today, the Retail Universe helps:

  • Retailers identify suppliers with specific capabilities and source new suppliers and products to add to an online or offline product catalog;
  • Vendors promote their capabilities, such as support for drop shipping or specific EDI capabilities, and share item data and digital assets;
  • Logistics providers market their unique capabilities, such as support for specific fulfillment models, geographies served and specialized warehousing attributes.

For more information, visit www.retailuniverse.com.