Supply Chains Continue to Win in 2020

Editor-in-chief Marina Mayer details how this pandemic has pushed everyone in every facet of every company to do things differently.

Marina M

2020 has sure been quite the year. Who knew that when I took over Supply & Demand Chain Executive in February that we would be on the cusp of a global pandemic. 

But, it’s this pandemic that has upended supply chains, fast-tracked deployment of technology and solutions and forced companies to re-evaluate how they move product through the supply chain yet still keep people, product and sustainability top of mind.

This pandemic created a “New Normal” of virtual conferences, tradeshows, zoom calls and e-learning.

It allowed us to peek into our co-workers’ dining rooms, kitchens and garages, get to know their kids, their pets and their significant others, and oh my goodness, the quarantine hair!

This pandemic has pushed everyone in every facet of every company to do things differently. Supply chains pivoted, optimized and automated. They revised their procurement and sourcing procedures, implemented robotics, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies and innovated in ways never imagined possible.

While these supply chains continue to be tested, they also continue to win.

This pandemic made our nation’s “essential workers” even more essential. From those working the loading docks, to those stocking retail shelves and driving the trucks, to the software developers, automakers and solutions providers, to the mask makers and the game changers, THANK YOU.

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) brought the term supply chain to the forefront, making it a more appealing major for college students, as well as the place to be employed for young professionals.

SDCE is no different. When the industry stepped into overdrive, we did too, so that we could continue sharing the industry’s messaging, challenges and solutions; to help facilitate a voice alongside industry organizations for those in need; and to create and deliver innovative occasions for those in the industry to connect, network, share and problem solve.

That’s why we made the exciting decision to make the December 2020 issue our final print issue. The decision to eliminate the print component of our brand was not an easy one, but doing so allows us to better focus on our many digital properties. For instance, we will be launching new virtual solutions that serve our audience of 500,000-plus supply chain professionals. And, we will continue to deliver quality content, news, videos and properties, just in a digital-only platform.

With that, go to and download our new editorial calendars covering everything from 3D printing and e-fulfillment to offshoring, employee retention, pharmaceutical supply chains, worker safety, reverse logistics, air cargo and more.

Register for SCN Summit, a premier virtual event that delivers fireside chat discussions and presentations from industry experts on everything from supply chain threats and robotics in the retail landscape, to workforce development, warehouse automation and more. 

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Be sure to also download our L.I.N.K. podcasts to hear more about mental health in the supply chain, offshoring vs. nearshoring, warehousing woes and more.

2020 was also SDCE’s 20-year Anniversary, which saw an abundance of digital-only coverage, from revisiting former Pros to Know to chatting with supply chain professionals via L.I.N.K. Educate to detailing the history of the supply chain and uncovering what’s in store for the future. 

SDCE also launched our Women in Supply Chain award, which honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network. This award was BEYOND successful, and the praise, recognition and support from the industry has been both touching and reassuring that an award like this—celebrating women in the supply chain—was both necessary and long overdue. Be sure to check out video interviews with some of these rock star women at

As we all know, change is inevitable, and this change will enable us to continue engaging with our audience.

While 2020 has sure left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, I commend and applaud the supply chain and logistics industry. At a time laden with a host of supply chain disruptions brought on by COVID-19, natural disasters and civil unrest, this industry formed a united front for the common good of people—to produce and deliver product in the safest, quickest, most energy efficient manner possible.

Thank you for your support, engagement, participation, inspiration and enthusiasm. And, thank you for allowing SDCE to be your go-to publication for all things supply chain. Let’s keep winning—together.