FourKites' Carrier List Delivers Unprecedented Value to Shippers and 3PLs

Premier carriers averaged 30% better on-time delivery performance than non-premier carriers, with the number of qualifying carriers growing 25% quarter-over-quarter.

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FourKites published its global Premier Carrier List for the third quarter of 2020. FourKites’ list showcases the hundreds of brokers, carriers and 3PLs worldwide who are achieving the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence across all modes of transport. Premier carriers averaged 30% better on-time delivery performance than non-premier carriers, with the number of qualifying carriers growing 25% quarter-over-quarter, as the freight logistics industry increasingly turns to real-time visibility to help it manage through the pandemic and other challenges.

FourKites’ premier carriers are the most highly valued and sought after by the 400-plus global Fortune 1000 shippers that make up the FourKites ecosystem. The Q3 2020 list includes nearly 350 carriers, brokers and 3PLs across North America, Europe, Latin America and Australasia. New carriers this quarter include Uber Freight, Alvaro Transport Pty Ltd., Goldstar Transport, Stef’s Transport, XPO Freight Logistics LTL, Canadian National Railway and TOTE Maritime.

“Load visibility is among the highest priorities for shippers today, necessary to build resilient supply chains amid ongoing market instability accelerated by the global pandemic,” said Gony Noy, General Manager - Load Visibility, Uber Freight. “From the start, Uber Freight has made it a priority to increase transparency in the freight industry, enabling shippers to effectively streamline operations, proactively manage exceptions and facility resources, and save time and costs across the supply chain – including for their carriers. Through our always-on technology and partnerships with industry leaders such as FourKites, we’re proud to provide crucial around-the-clock insight into the loads shipped on the Uber Freight platform.”

To qualify for the Premier Carrier List, carriers must achieve a minimum of 75 percent tracking consistency on at least 300 loads across all FourKites customers. This rigorous standard – unique amongst visibility providers in measuring the frequency, timeliness and quality of location updates – provides the necessary reassurance that the carriers on FourKites’ Premier Carrier List have repeatedly cleared the highest bar in terms of achieving on-time delivery targets and other key metrics. Compared to their non-Premier Carrier List counterparts, these carriers:

  • Track with 87% consistency
  • Achieve 30% better on-time delivery performance
  • Service every region in the world
  • Offer every mode, service and capability
  • Manage over 2 million pieces of equipment
  • Enjoy 15% annual growth in load volume and free access to consistency and sustainability dashboards via FourKites Insights Suite

“Our Premier Carrier List is expanding rapidly, in sheer numbers as well as in terms of the value the community is deriving from this unique resource,” said Kevin Taylor, FourKites Vice President of Carrier Operations. “We are seeing the benefits of FourKites’ network in action, as growth in shippers, carriers and overall load volumes yields the industry’s richest source of freight logistics data. Kudos to this quarter’s premier carriers for continuing to operate at the highest levels of service, even in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic and a pronounced capacity crunch.”

FourKites continues to enhance the Premier Carrier List each quarter, adding more detail on modes, equipment types, regions serviced and other carrier capabilities, in order to make it easier for shippers and carriers to collaborate and cement deeper partnerships.

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