FitzMark Offers Near Real-Time Pricing and Freight Capacity with Blue Yonder

FitzMark, Inc. is expanding its digital marketplace capabilities through the dynamic price discovery solution from Blue Yonder.

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FitzMark, Inc. is expanding its digital marketplace capabilities through the dynamic price discovery solution from Blue Yonder.

For more than 10 years, FitzMark has provided best-in-class service to its customers and drivers by investing in its team of dedicated transportation professionals and honing its custom-developed transportation management software, DASH. By integrating DASH with Blue Yonder’s dynamic price discovery solution, FitzMark is building on its commitment to provide better technology and smarter logistics to its customers. Through the solution, FitzMark will provide instant quoting of real-time, market-based prices and instant booking capabilities to its customers.

FitzMark will also be able to work with Blue Yonder’s transportation management customers, who can seamlessly adopt and utilize the dynamic price discovery solution. With expertise in the beverage industry, FitzMark is looking to offer its services to Blue Yonder’s diverse shipper community in this segment.

“A strategic partnership with Blue Yonder will give our shared customers a seamless way to connect with reliable capacity in near real-time,” said Scott Fitzgerald, founder and CEO, FitzMark.

Supply chain resiliency is key to success from increased volatility across the freight transportation markets, which is why Blue Yonder’s Logistics Network provides real-time digital connectivity for freight management, reducing shipping costs and increasing profitability for shippers and freight carriers. Part of the Blue Yonder Logistics Network, the dynamic price discovery solution is built on the Blue Yonder Luminate Platform, which is powered by Microsoft Azure. Luminate Platform combines data from both internal and external sources – spanning shippers’ digital supply chain ecosystems – to leverage both artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling smarter and more actionable business decisions.

“We are looking forward to working with FitzMark as they build on their growth strategy, which includes the continued expansion of their digital transformation. With our dynamic price discovery solution, FitzMark will be able to offer a smarter transportation solution that provides their customers near real-time pricing and freight capacity to compete in the freight marketplace,” said Terry Norton, vice president, 3PL & Transportation, Blue Yonder.