Loadsmart and Blue Yonder Partner to Provide Customers Instantly Bookable Truckload Rates

The integration allows joint transportation management customers to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Loadsmart announced a technical integration of its digital freight platform with Blue Yonder. The integration allows joint transportation management customers to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing access to Loadsmart’s instantly bookable truckload rates and guaranteed capacity through Blue Yonder’s dynamic pricing discovery solution. 

“Transportation is becoming increasingly digitized and shippers have realized there is an opportunity to improve operational efficiencies by better integrating systems and processes with their 3PL and carrier counterparts,” said Hunter Yaw, VP of product management at Loadsmart. “With the Blue Yonder-Loadsmart integration, shared customers will be able to retrieve timely, competitive truckload rates for every shipment in seconds. Shippers can then tender the load automatically using Blue Yonder’s solution.” 

For many shippers, the ability to instantly secure shipping rates and capacity is crucial to controlling costs amidst challenging, rapidly changing market conditions. This has proven especially true in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has upended the industry. However, companies have long struggled with routing guides because they are often outdated and contain static rates that are out of sync with market fundamentals.  

The dynamic pricing discovery solution integrates with Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform, which is powered by Microsoft Azure. Luminate Platform combines data from both internal and external sources — spanning shippers’ digital supply chain ecosystems — to leverage both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enabling smarter and more actionable business decisions.  

Now, when a primary carrier declines a shipment and the load hits the routing guide, a real-time rate from Loadsmart will be dynamically inserted in advance of the next best option. Once the next lowest rate is uploaded from Loadsmart, the load can be automatically tendered with 100% acceptance.  

“We are looking forward to partnering with Loadsmart to use technology to solve a decades old challenge for shippers,” said Terry Norton, VP of 3PL and transportation at Blue Yonder. “Our Luminate Platform, powered by AI and ML, will provide real-time visibility and pricing to allow shippers and freight carriers to leverage the dynamic pricing discovery solution to have integrated and seamless access to pricing and capacity to make better and more profitable business decisions.”