Bringg Targets Local Retail for Potential Delivery Market

Last-mile delivery continues to grow in all segments, including unlikely ones. Bringg hopes that convenience stores and other local retailers offer a lucrative delivery market.

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Bringg announces a partnership with National Retail Solutions (NRS) to offer local retailers such as bodegas, convenience stores and other independent stores a way to deliver directly to consumers. Businesses that operate through NRS's point-of-sale (POS) system will now be able to source and manage external delivery providers for home delivery through Bringg's Delivery Hub product. This is indicative of the move towards greater delivery options for consumers as well as retailers, as it becomes commonplace in all facets of retail. 

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  • With access to hundreds of third-party delivery carriers, merchants can connect with a rich mix of delivery providers, control and manage all deliveries in an automated way using a single easy-to-use application. This smart automated delivery management across multiple carriers enables retailers to seamlessly meet dynamic order demand while reducing the cost of delivery.

“Our e-commerce solution allows NRS’ independent retailers to offer their customers digital ordering,” says Elie Y. Katz, president and chief executive officer of NRS. “Now NRS will integrate with Bringg’s SaaS delivery platform to offer timely local delivery at no cost to the retailer. This is a powerful combination that will enable neighborhood retailers to compete for and win new customers in the digital marketplace.”