DHL Invests in Warehousing, Air Cargo

DHL Express announced greater investment in key markets in the Americas, including new and expanding facilities as well as growth in its air network.

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DHL Express announces that it is investing into key growth markets in the Americas, including the United States, Canada, Mexico South and Central America and the Caribbean. Here, it will put more than $360 million USD between 2020 and 2022 to build new and expand existing facilities and also spend millions on measures to bolster its air network with new, direct flight routes.

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  • Many of the infrastructure investments will focus on the company's facilities, which include service centers for pickup and delivery operations, gateways that manage the international clearance of shipments, and hubs which operate as shipment transfer points to and from regions of the world. An expanded state-of-the-art hub in Miami, Florida that is currently under construction will be the 6th-largest DHL Express hub globally by Time Definite International (TDI) volume. A new, 244,000 sq. ft. automated hub in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) is another major DHL investment in the region. Once finalized, the new hub will be four times the size of the current one.
  • DHL Express will also be adding new service centers and upgrading existing facilities throughout its regional network to support first- and- last-mile pickup and delivery operations, also enhancing other hubs and gateways and expanding its retail footprint in key markets in South America.