Cargo Chief Launches Comprehensive Database of Trucking Lane Intelligence for Freight Brokers

Cargo Chief has released the latest version of its C4 platform.

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Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

Cargo Chief has released the latest version of its C4 platform, version 2.0 - the most complete and informative database of trucking carrier lane preferences and availability in the over-the-road (OTR) industry.

The software enables freight brokers to select available trucking capacity based on their vetted carriers' as well as new carriers' lane preferences city-to-city, further detailed with frequency, service days and confirmed locations. Live capacity is paired with actionable information from carriers, ranked by best match for when and where the carrier is available to haul the next load.

“C4 2.0 emphasizes the phrase ‘How much is time worth to you?’ by reducing the number of phone calls and quickly identifying the top carriers best positioned for a load,” says Russell Jones, CEO, Cargo Chief.

The C4 2.0 database features the preferences and capacity from owner/operators as well as large carriers, providing intelligence for more than 100,000 preferred trucking lanes. C4's route and lane intelligence database is driven by integration data from Transportation Management Systems, API, EDI and ELD solutions, as well as surmised data from load histories. Freight brokers can calculate their approximate ROI using C4 through Cargo Chief's ROI calculator.

“Without changing carrier behavior, C4 2.0 aggregates lane preferences, frequency, service days and the right contact information, giving any broker the valuable information to find capacity as well as build and expand their carrier base,” continues Jones. “C4 technology makes any sized broker more effective and efficient.”

Cargo Chief's platform allows freight brokers of any size to compete against the recent wave of well-financed digital freight brokers that are buying market share at a low or no margin, while at the same time helping them to avoid risky load board carriers.

“With the new features being introduced with 2.0, C4 will enable us to quickly find backhaul carriers from our trusted carrier partners. Not only does this ensure lower carrier prices and thereby increasing Gross profit margins, but also affecting our net profit by the reduction of man hours needed to find the right carrier,” comments John Andreotti, COO of Trek Freight Services, LLC.