Carrier Sourcing to Revolutionize Freight Brokerage Operations

Trucker Tools launched Carrier Sourcing, which empower freight brokers to source and vet new carriers with unparalleled confidence.

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Trucker Tools launched Carrier Sourcing, which includes Lane Search and Carrier Check. These features empower freight brokers to source and vet new carriers with unparalleled confidence, reaching over 350,000 pre-vetted carriers with tracking performance data for any lane.

"We understand the challenges freight brokers face in sourcing and vetting carriers in today's competitive logistics environment," says Kary Jablonski, CEO of Trucker Tools. "With the launch of Carrier Sourcing, we're offering powerful tools that meet these challenges and provide a level of confidence and efficiency previously unseen in the industry."

Key takeaways:

  • The Lane Search feature addresses the freight brokerage industry's need for effective tools to support RFPs, as well as a process for sourcing carriers for new lanes. This powerful tool lets brokers streamline the carrier selection strategy to quickly source capacity based on millions of real-time and historical carrier interaction data points and patterns. With Lane Search, brokers can easily filter carriers based on specific requirements, such as historical tracking compliance, years of authority, fleet size, origin, destination, and equipment type, ensuring they connect with the best carriers for their needs.
  • The Carrier Check feature provides freight brokers with comprehensive tools to confirm carrier capabilities. Brokers can search for carriers by their MC or DOT number, as well as by name. The Carrier Profile feature includes more integrated tracking data, providing brokers a better understanding of carrier performance. Brokers can also vet carriers with Trucker Tools' exclusive data on tracking performance, making Carrier Check an indispensable tool for onboarding new carriers and ensuring compliance.