AtoB Partnership Offers Discounts for Small Business Fleets

This partnership with Mastercard signals the first step towards making discounts more accessible to the small business fleet owners and drivers.

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AtoB announces partnership with Mastercard as their payment card of record. This partnership signals the first step in shaking up the current fuel card network, making discounts more accessible to the small business fleet owners and drivers.

By providing driver charge cards, AtoB further supports fleet owners by empowering truckers to charge their operating expenses as opposed to fronting the cost and waiting long stretches for reimbursement, a key contributor to the industry’s traditionally high driver turnover.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlike other industries, trucking’s traditionally small business model has limited the opportunity for major corporate card adoption:
    • Current legacy card players are small-scale providers such as Wex and FleetCor who hold 90-95% market share, a duopoly on pricing control and limited accepted retail locations, while universally accepted Visa and Mastercard have less than 10% share.
  • AtoB’s fintech payments platform provides drivers and fleet operators with easy-to-use financial products such as no-fee fleet cards; instant direct-deposit payroll; partnership discounts on key expenses including fuel and lodging, and access to bank accounts and savings tools in order to provide ease on the road and network efficiencies. 
  • AtoB customers will switch over to the Mastercard system as of the end of June 2024; the transition should be seamless and won’t require any work by customers. 
  • The AtoB Mastercard will be on an open network, making transactions immediately visible to AtoB customers so they can track discounts, amount of fuel purchased, amount of fuel left in the tank and more. This visibility gives fleet owners a better idea of where their truckers are spending money and where they can be saving it.