Uber Freight Releases Pilot for Scheduling API

The new API, designed for Uber Freight’s transportation management systems (TMS), offers enhanced scheduling capabilities and fosters seamless communication.

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Uber Freight announces a piloted rollout of a new scheduling application programming interface (API), making it the first activation of the Scheduling Standards Consortium’s (SSC) Technical Standard for the industry. The new API, designed for Uber Freight’s transportation management systems (TMS), offers enhanced scheduling capabilities and fosters seamless communication across its network of shippers and carriers. The active pilot is set to be fully released for general availability in the second half of 2024. 

“Innovation and collaboration must go hand-in-hand to drive immediate and lasting impact and the partnerships and pilots that are emerging from the SSC are testament to that,” says Raj Subbiah, head of product at Uber Freight. “Together, we are helping carriers and shippers gain the speed, efficiency and savings they need to get and stay ahead with technology at the core.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Uber Freight’s scheduling API marks a significant leap forward in streamlining operations for all stakeholders in the freight ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating with Uber Freight TMS, this innovation is just the beginning of transformative changes.
  • Customers and carriers stand to gain immediate advantages, experiencing faster appointment scheduling, increased visibility and stronger partnerships. This development not only delivers tangible benefits but also reflects our commitment to drive positive change in the broader industry.
  • Uber Freight’s scheduling API empowers seamless integration between logistics technology platforms and carrier scheduling systems, eliminating manual processes and enhancing visibility across supply chains. The new feature delivers substantial benefits for both shippers and carriers, including:
    • Faster appointment scheduling: Reduce lead times and expedite shipment preparation by streamlining the appointment booking process.
    • Increased visibility and control: Gain real-time insights into dock activity and manage appointments with ease, minimizing disruptions and rescheduling.
    • Enhanced carrier relationships: Foster stronger partnerships with carriers by providing a standardized, efficient and self-service scheduling experience.
    • Simplified integrations: Eliminate the need for multiple logins and manual data entry through standardized API connections.
    • Improved appointment accuracy: Reduce errors and miscommunication with a single source of truth and centralizing scheduling data.
    • Increased operational efficiency: Helps optimize driver schedules and mitigate facility congestion by leveraging real-time facility data.