RJW Logistics Invests Further in Chicago Area for Latest Warehouse

RJW is opening a new warehouse in Chicagoland, focusing on sustainability and innovation with battery powered equipment and LED lighting.

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ELEVATE from Pexels

RJW Logistics Group, Inc. announced the opening of its sixth warehouse in the Chicagoland area to accommodate the growth of its integrated logistics programs. At 545,000 square feet, the Romeoville, IL facility is RJW’s latest extension of its growing retail consolidation operation, a unique program designed to generate supply chain efficiencies and overall profitability for CPG suppliers.

Through this facility alone, the company will service 50 to 75 retail consolidation customers, receiving an estimated 400,000 pallets and shipping 42M+ cases annually. This expansion supports RJW’s commitment to providing industry-leading services, including – LTL consolidation, asset-based transportation, warehousing and comprehensive logistics – to streamline customers’ supply chain processes, increase in-stock levels, avoid retailer fines and drive scorecard performance, line extensions and profitability. 

“Our focus is on providing logistics services that help CPG suppliers optimize their supply chains and master the Middle Mile in a time of unprecedented online shopping and direct-to-consumer distribution,” said Kevin Williamson, CEO. “Our new, state-of-the-art facility will operate 22 hours per day, six days a week to ensure that we continue delivering the highest levels of service to our customers. Importantly, this expansion also creates 250-275 new warehouse jobs during a critical time.”

More than a traditional warehouse, RJW’s new facility promotes supply chain sustainability with LED and motion-activated lighting, as well as battery-powered equipment. The warehouse also received its AIB certification with a high score of 980/1,000.