Leading 3PL To Announce One-Stop Portal for Customers & Employees

ARRIVEnow launches as the technology brand of Arrive Logistics, delivering optionality and enhanced customer experience for shippers and carriers.

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Arrive Logistics introduces ARRIVEnow, the suite of proprietary digital solutions created to increase productivity and drive efficiency for its shippers, carriers, and employees at scale. ARRIVEnow is a cloud-based native technology platform that uses machine learning models and human expertise to support the most complex transportation challenges.

  • Over the next three years, Arrive will invest more than $120 million into software development, led by a growing team of more than 250 engineers, data scientists and product management professionals. 
  • Arrive will hire more than 3,000 team members across sales, client success, and business operations through 2025 to complement that investment and further drive growth.

“We believe the best solutions are driven by data, powered by technology and delivered by people,” says Michael Senftleber, chief technology officer, Arrive. "In 2022, Arrive will use all three resources to manage over $2.4 billion in logistics transactions. 90% of all freight moving through our system includes some significant form of automation and 60% of those shipments come directly through digital integration with our shippers. ARRIVEnow Carrier accounts for over 30% of all booking transactions and is projected to reach 50% by late 2023.”

Investing heavily in developing purpose-driven technology and a team of experts is the Arrive copilot strategy. Implemented at every level of the company, the copilot strategy uses human-centric automation and omnichannel solutions to increase productivity and drive efficiency- without replacing the importance of close relationships. 

"Technology automates many parts of our operation and calls exceptions to our attention, which is where our people excel,” says Matt Pyatt, CEO and Co-Founder. “We deliver a better experience through an intentional mix of technology and an elite team of experts. Since the inception of ARRIVEnow, we have doubled our team's productivity across all sales cohorts."

“In transportation, disruptions are inevitable. Our ability to deliver through any challenge is why our relationships with our partners are second to none. Arrive's mission is ‘We Deliver, So You Can,’ and ARRIVEnow is critical to that mission” adds Pyatt. “Every load has data that empowers ARRIVEnow to improve productivity and lower Arrive’s cost per transaction, driving more volume into our platforms, making us an increasingly valuable partner."

 From Arrive:

The ARRIVEnow platform is comprised of two elements–digital solutions offering optionality and streamlined operations for shippers and carriers, along with tools for employees to optimize performance and delivery to Arrive’s partners:

  • ARRIVEnow is the proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) for Arrive employees. It is backed by algorithms that automate operational tasks
  • ARRIVEnow Carrier is a one-stop freight management portal that enables carriers to find, bid on and book loads instantly using a mobile device or desktop browser, with access to 24/7 customer support.
  • ARRIVEnow Shipper, which provides instant pricing for over 500 shippers through integrations, is adding to its suite of digital solutions by launching a web portal in early 2023.