SCS Encourages Supply Chains to Reduce Waste

SCS Global Services hopes to push companies into demonstrating zero waste practices through a new certification standard.

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SCS Global Services

SCS Global Services launches a new environmental certification, prompting supply chains to reduce waste. The Zero Waste Standard is a third-party certification that allows companies to exhibit how it prevents or reuses waste streams and any other way it diverts waste from landfills. The certification program also allows companies to show how they've made improvements as well as support others in the region on doing the same. 

Per SCS Global Services: 

  • As companies look to improve their ESG ratings and strengthen their corporate messages and investment profiles, this third-party certification will provide assurance year-after-year for corporations and their individual facility sites.
  • Facilities participate and are recognized for waste diversion of 50% or greater. The actual diversion percentage achieved at each facility over a twelve-month period is certified and this percentage is reflected on the certificate. Facilities achieving 99% diversion are certified as “Zero Waste.”
  • The Standard provides a cost-effective option for multi-site certification where all participating sites are assessed, involving a representative sampling of sites for on-site audits each year. It allows for diversion of hazardous waste to count towards overall diversion. It recognizes waste-to-energy if a facility diverts no more than 25% of its waste using waste-to-energy production.

“This is a different kind of Zero Waste standard,” said Stanley Mathuram, SCS executive VP. “It aims to meet companies where they are in their waste reduction journey at their individual facilities by acknowledging the waste diversion they’ve already achieved, as well as continuing to drive waste management toward the zero goal post.”