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IES (Integrated Enterprise Strategy) is the Insight breakthrough product for corporate strategy analysis. It is equipped with all of the features of the Insight Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems (SAILS) product: a powerful optimization engine, an exceptionally easy to use interface, a host of built-in databases, extensive data analysis and preparation options, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and powerful scenario generation features. It is designed to comprehensively address all of the classic network design questions and related issues that SAILS can handle. In addition, it explicitly considers both the costs and anticipated demand impact (so-called lift) of proposed marketing campaigns. What truly sets it apart is its ability to optimize these marketing expenditures and all aspects of the supply chain simultaneously. It does so by identifying that set of facilities, commodity flows and marketing initiatives that maximize corporate profitability. In other words, it explicitly identifies which marketing campaigns should be implemented and which should be avoided and to which customers, channels and products they should be targeted, all in light of supply chain costs and capacities.


Suppose you have a powerful integrated enterprise strategy tool that:

  • Focuses on maximizing corporate profitability (and ultimately return on shareholder equity)
  • Incorporates all corporate operations simultaneously, including procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing 
  • Identifies the marketing initiatives, or campaigns (from among many proposals) that you should actually implement (as well as those that you should not approve) and allocates those budgets to the markets, channels, and products that yield the greatest margin, while simultaneously  evaluating the impact on the entire supply chain, from raw material procurement to final customer delivery (it is clearly pointless to generate demand that cannot be satisfied at all, at a profit, or where there are more profitable alternatives)
  • Explicitly includes procurement costs and capacities, manufacturing costs and capacities, all transportation, warehousing, duty, tax, port handling, and in-transit inventory costs, customer service requirements, and marketing costs and budget limits
  • Shows you which markets, channels and products are losers and which ones are winners
  • Identifies the optimal set of locations: suppliers, manufacturing, distribution centers, ports, cross-docks, and so on
  • Develops a strategic sourcing plan in the context of the entire supply chain, not in isolation. In the process, it rigorously evaluates global outsourcing and other "make or buy" decisions
  • Identifies vulnerabilities in the supply chain and suggests mitigating strategies
  • Uses a remarkably powerful mathematical optimization engine, comes equipped with a host of support databases, can tap into detailed corporate business systems, is applicable anywhere in the world, is exceptionally easy to use, runs on a laptop, and is the evolutionary result of continuous research, development and collaboration over many decades of use by a significant percentage of the Fortune 500.


It's called Insight Integrated Enterprise Strategy. There's never been anything like it because nothing else has ever successfully united marketing and all corporate operations. It understands at a very deep level what senior executives are facing. It stands ready to help. Are you ready to accept the challenge, outsmart the competition and reap the financial benefits?

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