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Spend Radar’s Content Manager is an innovative approach to the integration of third-party supplier and market content with existing spend data via content-as-a-service. The Spend Radar Data Manager performs an initial cleanse and consolidation of your data. With Content Manager, you then have full control over what data to enrich (i.e. by category, all, US only) as well as over the data refresh frequency. Vital supplier and market information can be obtained as needed to research and support supplier risk, supplier diversity, sourcing programs, and overall spend management needs. Information such as producer price indexes, commodity pricing, freight information, parent/child linkage and global insight market data can be obtained as well. This information allows you to better manage relationships and provide a comprehensive view of the supplier and the supplier’s spend. And most importantly, the data packets have been uniquely tailored by Spend Radar to provide only the data most requested by companies like yours – thus keeping costs down.

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