Talk Isn't Cheap, It Pays

Hubstorm makes corporate friendships pay in a large way

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.  March 13  HubStorm Corp. has upped the ante in referral programs, going a bit farther than offering a new Personal Digital Assistant or laptop case. The company has started what it calls the HubStorm Alliance Partner Program. The new program assists B2B buying organizations to build liquidity within their e-procurement systems or e-marketplaces by solving their supplier enablement problem. As part of the Alliance Partner Program, HubStorm is offering participating buyers a generous incentive  a $10,000 referral bonus for every supplier that adopts HubStorm eSupplier.

Louis Columbus, senior analyst for sell-side e-commerce applications at AMR Research, commented, "HubStorm's plan is ingenious and creates a solid partnership with B2B buyers and e-marketplace operators, those that have the highest level of influence to recruit suppliers. Clearly HubStorm's insights into the needs of suppliers and its product development expertise are exemplified in HubStorm eSupplier, which is ideally positioned to take advantage of the rapid market movement towards supplier enablement and buy-side enablement in private trading exchanges."

The HubStorm Alliance Partner Program offers support and financial incentives to operators of corporate e-procurement systems or e-marketplaces and assists them in connecting with their suppliers online and building liquidity. Under a no-cost, one-year partnership plan, a buyer will receive a $10,000 referral bonus for every supplier that adopts the HubStorm eSupplier technology. Alternatively, the program enables a buyer to pass this bonus to its suppliers as an added incentive. In addition, for each participating partner, HubStorm will sponsor a Supplier Summit bringing buyers and their suppliers under one roof for practical supplier enablement discussions and HubStorm eSupplier technical understanding.

"Our new partner program provides buying organizations with much needed resources, including technical expertise necessary to enable their suppliers," said Ricardo Berrios, vice president of strategic development at HubStorm. "Essentially, we are helping buyers build liquidity and realize true cost savings through online trading."