Integration for SMEs

New program gives back-end solution in concert with SPS Commerce's services

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St. Paul, MN  July 26, 2002  SPS Commerce, a supply chain integration service provider, announced the introduction of its Integration Partner Program. The program is designed to provide small and mid-sized enterprise (SME) customers using SPS' hosted supply chain services with additional resources for data integration. The partner program includes two types of integration providers: consulting firms that assist in the data integration into an SME's back-end system and companies developing integration adapters to applications catering to the SME market.

SPS Commerce said that many SMEs who utilize their services are not in a position to hire or train the necessary IT staff to make the data integration into their own systems possible. Just as the SPS system assists SMEs in transmitting data for electronic commerce, they said they hope this program will help extend the value of that information by allowing the SME to capture the data for internal functions such as invoicing, tracking, and shipping. Ultimately, the SME will be able to have an automated end-to-end solution in conjunction with SPS' services.

Jim Frome, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of SPS Commerce said now that their SME customers have realized electronic commerce benefits through SPS Commerce's system, they are looking for ways to leverage their investment and knowledge. "The Integration Partner Program is another way for SPS Commerce to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve 100 percent supply chain automation.