HandySoft, Corticon Ally on BPM

Partners link business process management with business rules engine to speed process design

Tempe, AZ — April 8, 2003 — Business process automation specialist HandySoft Corp. this week formed a global alliance with Corticon Technologies, a provider of business rules software, in a partnership that joins business process management (BPM) and decision-management solutions to create a single enterprise environment.

The new partners said their joint offering would support the rapid design and deployment of complex and intelligent business processes while minimizing costly coding and customization.

HandySoft will offer the Corticon rules engine as a complementary option to its platform for BPM and workflow automation, BizFlow. This will benefit organizations that want business-managed decision services that can be reused across BPM and other applications, the provider said.

BPM solutions, built with BizFlow and Corticon, will provide business users with control of business processes, according to the partners. Business process owners can establish the decision rules for decision-making activities within the flow of work, then design and automate the process itself using a point-and-click design tool that enables integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, databases and other back-end systems.

BizFlow and Corticon also both support Web services, enabling the two platforms to work in concert in complex applications that integrate a variety of technology resources. Use of Web services also makes rules-based process management more flexible and efficient, the two providers say, allowing organizations to change their rules logic only once for all business processes that use them, thereby ensuring optimal performance of automated processes and reducing the need for costly coding.

HandySoft said it chose Corticon due to its ease of use, ease of integration and performance relative to other available business rule engines. The benefit for HandySoft customers, the provider said, would be a reduction in the total cost of ownership of solutions that automate complex, decision-intensive business processes.