Chainalytics, Optiant Partner

Consultancy taps optimization specialist's solution to help manufacturers streamline supply chains

Mesa, AZ — May 15, 2003 — Optimization specialist Optiant is partnering with consultancy Chainalytics to offer manufacturers help in building optimized supply chains and cutting supply chain-related costs.

Optiant offers supply chain design and inventory optimization software suite called PowerChain, while Chainalytics specializes in the application of decision sciences technology to support improved strategic, tactical and operational decision-making for complex supply chain networks.

The two companies say that in the current economic environment, manufacturers, many having already implemented lean policies, are looking for ways to boost business performance during the ongoing downturn. This is especially challenging for manufacturers of consumer products, both durable and non-durable, and their trading partners that must deal with increasingly complex supply networks and that face a host of new business realities, including shortened product lifecycles, exaggerated seasonality, fickle consumer demand and geopolitical instability.

Optiant and Chainalytics believe that these circumstances are driving manufacturers to seek an approach that will enable supply chain responsiveness and deliver rapid, measurable return on investment. To meet this demand, Chainalytics is set to use Optiant's PowerChain suite to assist new and existing clients in designing efficient supply chains and creating inventory strategies that can help drive business performance and profitability.

"To truly optimize a complex supply chain, manufacturers need the tools and intelligence to evaluate strategic inventory decisions that best balance cost and service tradeoffs across the supply chain," said Jeffery Metersky, vice president for supply chain strategy at Chainalytics, in explaining the rationale for the new partnership.