Modernizing the Supply Chain Management Processes by Analyzing Market Risks and Procurement Strategies

SpendEdge completed their latest study on the significance of supply chain management services for a consumer goods company.


SpendEdge completed their latest study on the significance of supply chain management services for a consumer goods company. The report gives an overview of how an unproductive supply chain management system can result in increased errors and poor supply chain visibility. It also provides information on how supply chain management services can be leveraged to provide unique insights into market risks, supplier information and procurement strategies. 

"Supply chain management services are critical for companies to efficiently address procurement challenges and mitigate procurement risks," experts at SpendEdge say.

The escalating market competition is compelling leading players in the consumer goods sector to enhance their market value through an improvised supply chain management process. Companies that sell CPGs are realizing the need to have an agile supply chain management system that can help them adapt to the changing consumer demands. Also, availing customized supply chain management services can  help businesses utilize their resources efficiently, reduce manufacturing lead times and develop better collaboration with suppliers. 

The Business Problem: The client is a leading company in the consumer goods sector and has business units spread across different parts of Europe. Being one of the largest consumer goods manufacturers in Denmark, the existing process of the company was proving inefficient in terms of supply chain visibility and digital capabilities. This was substantially increasing their error rates and leakage due to lost invoices. Inefficient supply market intelligence was posing difficulties for the company in generating unique insights on their supply chain activities. The inadequacies in the delivery and reconciliation processes were contributing to the poor customer experience and were dwindling their customer base.

The Solution Offered: To address the needs of the client, the experts at SpendEdge focused on developing strategies to enhance supply chain visibility. They offered actionable insights into inventory and point-of-sale (POS) data that empowered the client to manage volatile demand. They also devised a supply chain management strategy to improve the company's supply chain performance. The solutions offered equipped the client with better supply market intelligence capabilities and predictive supply market insights on a regular basis. SpendEdge’s supply chain management services also aided the company with several other benefits such as better savings, inventory management and supply chain risk identification.