Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics Application

Enterprise-wide supply chain visibility improves logistics and warehouse management, merchandise management, marketing and store operations

Atlanta, Ga.Jan. 17, 2014QuantiSense, Inc., a provider of retail business intelligence, and retail analytics software and services, announced the release of the QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics analytic application.

With QuantiSense software, retailers can now analyze and track the flow of merchandise from manufacturer to distribution center (DC) to store, leveraging a unified picture of supply chain data with merchandising, store operations, customer insights, e-commerce analytics and more, to give retail professionals a powerful, enterprise-wide view of how the flow of specific merchandise affects the customer experience.

With the new insights delivered by QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics, retailers can proactively address potential disruptions or opportunities in the supply chain, and take immediate action to remedy or capitalize on them.

The solution is currently in implementation with two major North American retailers, featuring integration with the Manhattan Associates warehouse management system (WMS).

According to Jeff Buck, CEO of QuantiSense, “QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics lets retailers use supply chain visibility to make better decisions about merchandise management, promotions, events, store staffing, the omni-channel experience and more, ensuring that customers always get the items and service they want and expect.”

An Integrated View of the Entire Supply Chain

Traditionally, the retail supply chain is broken into two distinct silos: the back-office supply chain, encompassing the flow of goods between manufacturers, wholesalers and the retailer’s DCs, and the customer-facing supply chain, encompassing merchandise management, e-commerce and catalogs, stores, and consumers.

With key data spread across multiple systems, buyers, planners, allocators, store operations and marketers often struggle to get detailed visibility into the entire supply chain to answer questions like:

  • When are the items we’re heavily promoting arrive in the store?
  • On what days should I increase store staffing to receive a large merchandise shipment?
  • Can I commit to a specific date for shipping back-ordered e-commerce or catalog items directly to my consumers?
  • When should I invite my best customers back to the store to see new merchandise?
  • Should I airship merchandise to capitalize on an immediate selling opportunity to my best customers?

With QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics, all supply chain data is merged. Any retail decision-maker within the enterprise can now gain a comprehensive view of the status, timing, value and demand for merchandise, wherever it resides, helping drive new revenue, margin and customer satisfaction.

Complete Supply Chain & Logistics Analytics Solution

The QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics application is a complete business intelligence (BI) and analytics stack—coupled with a packaged implementation methodology—designed to get retailers up and running with comprehensive supply chain analytics in as little as 60 to 90 days. The solution includes:

  • Data integration, data model and BI metrics for logistics analysis, including DC inbound and outbound, product flow, pick and pack, labor productivity and inventory control.
  • Pre-built reports with analysis that extends to ASN receipts, case inventory, ledger receiving, inventory adjustments, outbound cartons and more.
  • Dashboarding and ad-hoc report wizard capabilities.

The QuantiSense Supply Chain & Logistics application is offered as an add-on module to the company’s flagship QuantiSense Retail Business Intelligence solution, a complete retail analytics stack that enables sophisticated analytics for every department in the retail enterprise.

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