Coach Utilizes TradeCard to Streamline Transactions and Improve Supplier Relationships

Procure-to-Pay automation delivers visibility and efficiency to improve collaboration and reduce costs

New York, N.Y.Jan. 13, 2013—Supply chain collaboration and global trade platform provider TradeCard Inc. is now used by Coach. The luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories provider uses the platform to transact with and make payments to trading partners in an automated workflow environment that eliminates costs related to manual sourcing processes and the use of letters of credit.

“We’re extremely pleased to welcome Coach and its trading partners to the TradeCard community,” said Sean Feeney, Chief Executive Officer, TradeCard Inc. “Strong trading partner relationships are essential to luxury brands, such as Coach, that work closely with high-end suppliers to compete. TradeCard bridges gaps in the supply chain to allow true collaboration in an automated environment, delivering real benefits for Coach and its trading partners.”

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