Point Blank Brands Utilize Jesta I.S.

Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Apparel Corporation of America (PACA) and Protective Products and Paraclete use sourcing and demand solutions

New York, N.Y.Aug. 16, 2012—Protective apparel and safety solutions provider Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. (PBEI) (recently acquired by private equity firm Sun Capital) now utilizes Jesta I.S.’s Vision Sourcing and Demand solutions in the operations of three of its key brands: Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Apparel Corporation of America (PACA) and Protective Products and Paraclete.

With the expanded brand portfolio, it became important to sustain the same high quality and process execution to all acquired brands. After a thorough evaluation of all the present and future IT infrastructure needs, Sun Capital determined Jesta I.S.’ Vision Sourcing and Demand solution to be an integral part of its overall IT strategy so as to leverage industry leading apparel manufacturing and demand management technology for serving its high profile customers for all brands.

Throughout the past six years, Jesta I.S.’ Vision Sourcing and Demand ERP solution has been the backbone of Point Blank’s IT strategy.

“Point Blank has been a great partner for us and has consistently challenged our product and solution consultants in finding creative ways to optimize unique procurement and product tracking processes within the Vision solution,” said Maria Amenta, Vice President of Professional Services for Jesta I.S. “We are happy to be partnering with Point Blank in its quest to be viewed as a global leader in its industry.”

Point Blank continues to build on key procurement, manufacturing and demand allocation processes that were standardized during the Vision solution implementation. As Point Blank becomes a part of an expanded product portfolio, the shared corporate values of integrity, teamwork and excellence between Jesta I.S. and Point Blank continues to solidify the relationship between the two organizations. Additionally, Point Blank already started successful on-boarding of other brands onto the Jesta I.S. Vision solution.

“Point Blank is a nimble organization with a single-minded focus on delivering innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality,” said Bill Jorgensen, Chief Information Officer of Point Blank Enterprises. “Jesta I.S.’ industry leading Vision Sourcing and Demand solution provides us flexibility and visibility for managing our very complex supply chain.”