SA2 Worldsync & AGENA 3000 Partner to Increase GDSN Usage in Europe

Companies provide data management solutions for every step of the supply chain

Cologne, GermanyJuly 2, 2012— Global product data management solutions provider SA2 Worldsync and supply chain workflow optimization solutions provider AGENA 3000 partnered to deliver solutions for every step of the supply chain, beginning from the management of product information up to the synchronization of product and price data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). SA2 Worldsync runs its own GDSN certified data pool and is a global provider of data synchronization and master data management services. AGENA 3000 provides solutions to optimize the workflow throughout the value chain, for example a Product Information Management (PIM) system and a solution for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

“We are glad to see that AGENA 3000 offers its global customer community various possibilities connecting to GDSN and synchronize price and product data worldwide by partnering with SA2 Worldsync,” said Nihat Arkan, Chief Executive Officer of SA2 Worldsync. “We are proud that AGENA 3000 offers its global customer community the possibility to smoothly connect with the GDSN and synchronize price and product data worldwide by partnering with SA2 Worldsync. Together, we will further develop and increase the growth of the GDSN in France and Europe. Moreover, the PIM of AGENA 3000 offers suppliers the possibility to deliver data in all kind of formats for non GDSN retailers or for the promotional workflow.”

Via the new partnership customers of both companies can choose out of a bunch of solutions to manage their data throughout the whole supply chain, beginning from capturing their data, making use of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to automatically connect, synchronize and exchange their product and price data in the GDSN, and aligning the deliverance of data with regard to end-consumers needs.

“With SA2 Worldsync, we found a partner that shares our vision to reconcile the needs of global trade and global product data synchronization with the requirements and needs of local players,” said Alain Guinberteau, Chief Executive Officer of AGENA 3000. “Together with our partner SA2 Worldsync, we are the integration specialists for the consumer product goods industry to serve today`s and tomorrow´s need.”

Connected to the GDSN, trading partners always have the latest information in their systems, and any changes made to one company's database are automatically and immediately provided to all of the other companies who do business with them. When a supplier, its trading partners and even end-consumers are looking at the same accurate and up-to-date data, business for all of them is smoother, quicker and less expensive.