Proxima Opens Chicago Office

Procurement services provider invests in North America operations expansion

Chicago—Feb. 13, 2012—Proxima, a London-based procurement services provider, announced its North American operations expansion plan with the opening of its first office in Chicago. Formerly known as buyingTeam, the move follows the company’s successful on-going client assignment and firm pipeline of new contracts that are due to commence in 2012. 

“Expanding our business in the United States presents a considerable and unique opportunity for Proxima,” said Matthew Eatough, Chief Executive Officer of Proxima. “Tough economic times necessitate a closer look at the way that businesses deploy operational expenditure. The results that we have already delivered in the U.S. build on our extensive European client base. Our clients have been able to weather the economic turbulence all the better for a transformation of their cost base and this also stands them in good stead as the economy improves.”

The company’s rapid growth has been fueled by its role within its clients’ organizations. Positioning the procurement function at the center of an organization’s decision-making process, Proxima works with clients to enable change, enhance management control and visibility of costs and transform buying behavior.

“We have a distinctive approach, enabling each client to generate long-term, sustained improvements by redefining their understanding of what procurement can deliver and using these extraordinary results to help them power their business,” explained Eatough.

Proxima delivers detailed, up-to-date knowledge across a wide range of specialist categories that few companies can maintain in-house. It provides solutions that enhance operational and financial performance, during challenging market conditions as well.

“This approach has already delivered extraordinary results for our U.S. clients, where we currently manage more than $2 billion of spend, with improvements often considerably outperforming traditional cost reduction measures,” concluded Eatough.

Proxima will offer its broad range of procurement services to businesses throughout North America, building on its performance enhancements it has enabled in the United Kingdom and Europe. The company will be based within Chicago’s Willis Tower.