AOC Resins Goes Live with JustEnough Sales Forecasting

Tool will replace spreadsheets to improve plant-level production

Newport Beach, CA—Oct. 11, 2011—JustEnough Software Corp., a provider of demand management solutions for retailers, distributors and brand owners worldwide, announced that AOC Resins is live with its best-of-breed sales forecasting solution.

AOC Resins is a global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and synergistic systems for composites and cast polymers. Its EcoTec technology helps the company develop green materials for environmentally friendly composites. AOC Resins’ reliance on spreadsheets to manage its sales forecasts led to a time-consuming process prone to inaccuracies. The company needed a better way to create a common, more accurate forecast from which its plant managers could create production schedules.

According to Joshua Pence, AOC Resins’ manufacturing systems developer, JustEnough Sales Forecasting was selected over other software offerings for its ability to help businesses easily set performance goals, forecast sales and analyze sales trends.

“The JustEnough solution features a very intuitive, Microsoft Excel-like interface, which facilitated rapid user adoption,” Pence said. “Now that we are live with sales forecasting, our sales representatives are able to quickly enter their sales projections into the system.

As a result, we’re leveraging better forecasts and more efficient production schedules at the plant level.”

Malcolm Buxton, president and chief executive officer of JustEnough, added, “Sales forecasting doesn’t need to be complicated. JustEnough prides itself on being able to offer companies like AOC Resins a simple, easy-to-use solution that can transform the way they forecast sales and make revenue projections. With our solution in place, AOC Resins will be able to improve production management with the use of one master sales forecast.”

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